Obamas’ Latest Dog & Pony Show: One Dog, No Pony Lots of Horse Hockey

With the North Koreans planning their next murderous tantrum, the release of another in Wikileaks’ seemingly endless supply of Molotov cocktails, in the form of classified documents hurled at American national security, and U.S. unemployment stuck at 9.5%, the Obama administration has sprung into action. First, Himself releases a moronic, cringe-inducing PC children’s book. Then, he and the Mrs. sit down with ancient news diva Barbara Walters for the latest episode in their series “Fooling the Rubes,” this one a Thanksgiving weekend chat. Barbara didn’t mention the similar blockbuster exclusive she did with Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln. If you missed it, it was killer!

As you would expect, this hard-hitting interview covered such critical issues as the arms race, as in Michelle’s awesome pair, yet again. As we saw in that risible attempt by BW to force  feed the LSM’s (Lame Stream Media, just in case) mantra about “beautiful” Michelle down the throats of those of us with functioning rods and cones, Barbara can’t get enough of that.  (My comments on that one ruffled a few liberal feathers.) The show also included mention of important world opinion leaders like “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” and the Tooth Fairy. It also featured the obligatory visit by Bo, exhibiting the necessary canine cuteness. Perhaps most of the mouth-breathers they hope to take in with this con didn’t notice that some quick edits were required  to hide Michelle’s less than deft ability to deal with “her dog.” We already know she doesn’t even know how to walk him, so I don’t know why they bother with the pretense. Once that cult of the personality gets established, I guess it’s hard for its proponents to let go even after the audience has either lost interest or now finds the whole act repellant.

As I watched another predictable staged holiday performance by this pair of grifters and their enthusiastic accomplices in the LSM, I wondered if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking: (1) How much longer is the One going to be able to use his children as little kiddie human shields to deflect those irritating questions about his lack of experience? (2) Do they really believe that if they show us how Bo can shake hands, that will that tamp down on the whispers, which started in his own party, about replacing him on the ticket in 2012? (3) Does Michelle realize how ridiculously and hideously artificial her face looks, with the false eyelashes and all the other appliances and workarounds her full-time makeup artist uses to try (unsuccessfully) to make her look beautiful? As the old song goes, there are some things that you can’t cover up with lipstick and powder. Two words for you, Mich, and your well-intentioned servant, and I’m using the Joe Biden method of counting here: Tammy Faye Baker.

Perhaps those in his own party who are broaching the topic of replacing the current occupant of the Oval Office with a grown up at the top of the democrat ticket in the next election are noticing some of the things we’ve been noticing, specifically the following: (1) the B. Hussein administration getting tough with web sites that sell counterfeit goods, but allowing Wikileaks weasel Julian Assange to run around endangering lives and thumbing his nose at the United States and its national security, responding with a semi-stern letter to his lawyer. Oooh, that’s telling him! Maybe they can use that letter as a template and send similar terrifying missives to Kim Jung Il, and his little prince successor, whose name escapes me. Is it Really Mentally Il? (2) the spectacular display of incompetence by his Attorney General, who still believes that trying enemy combatants captured on foreign battle fields is the best strategy for keeping Americans safe, despite losing his test case by the skin of his teeth. By the way, has anyone seen Mr. Holder? He has been conspicuously absent since that verdict was rendered. (3) or perhaps it is the frightening, but still comic, performance of his bumbling Secretary of Homeland Security, who just a year ago told us that “the system worked” when a person no one realized could exist outside a hypothetical universe, someone more incompetent than she, the poor Crotch Botcher terrorist failed to set off his underwear. Now, apparently, the “system,” that is relying on their amateurs to screw up more than our ostensible professionals, no longer works to the point where 3 year olds have to be subjected to treatment that in any other arena would send the perps to prison, or at least to mandatory sex offender registry.

I’ve got a deal for Big Sis. I’ve got no problem with your agents feeling up any of the following passengers: (1) Any individual buying his ticket with cash (2) Any individual who has no luggage (3) Any individual on a no-fly list, including those of allies like the UK (that is, if you insist on displaying your bureaucratic idiocy yet again by letting him fly in the first place) (4) Any individual who has evoked so much concern in one of his parents that the parent tries to alert the U.S. government, (5) Any individual who likes getting groped by federal agents, this last category so far containing only one person, left-wing attorney Gloria Allred. The underwear bomber would have faced enhanced screening under the first four criteria. We are still awaiting word on the 3 year-old.

It has become fashionable, and frankly a tad lame, to say “it’s sad,” when what you really mean is that it’s infuriating, idiotic, and insulting, so let me adopt the currently acceptable mealy-mouth speak and say that it’s sad that the narcissistic, unqualified, dangerous man currently occupying the White House. albeit only rarely between foreign trips, and his repulsive entitlement and race-obsessed lippy wife actually believe that another ridiculous hoo-ha like Friday evening’s borefest will distract us from his breathtaking ineptitude, her obnoxious Marie Antoinette act, and their mutual phony expressions of love for this country that they have been working overtime to destroy.


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