Microsoft Excel Charts and Graphs Made Easy

CareerTrack Webinars
Microsoft Excel Charts and Graphs Made Easy
1-Hour Webinar — May 23, 2017
Covers Excel 2010 and previous versions
Demonstrated in Excel 2010

Maximize the benefits of these powerful tools to present data and communicate results with ease.

You deal with numbers and data all the time. You’re familiar with manipulating spreadsheets, updating forecasts, analyzing revenue and deciphering data down to the tiniest detail. Or maybe you occasionally dabble in Excel, but would love to learn how to put it to work for you. You’re looking for help producing results that can make your team and even your entire organization more profitable, more productive and more efficient.

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Event XC301602WC

Save time and reduce frustration by attending this course and learning how to arrange and interpret your data quickly, easily and effectively! What you will learn from our expert:

  • How to create charts and graphs — quickly and easily
  • 5 common chart types and how they are best used
  • Different ways to navigate the chart wizard — and the amazing shortcut key!
  • How to modify your charts and graphs painlessly
  • How to fine-tune your charts with additional shortcuts, fills and labels
  • And much more
Enroll Now
for Only $199

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Conference Start Time:

2 pm Eastern 1 pm Central
12 pm Mountain 11 am Pacific
10 am Alaskan 8 am Hawaiian
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