The Critiquelator: Certified Black Enough to Bust the Left

You may be asking yourself “Who is the Critiquelator?” Or even “What is a ‘Critiquelator?'” Great questions. The Critiquelator aka Sarge 57 is a passionate, articulate, well-informed observer of current events, a military veteran committed to speaking up for the virtues of limited government and a patriot devoted to continuing to defend the U.S. Constitution as he did while in uniform, and to defending and protecting Teri. He can both critique, as in analyze and explain, and translate the deceitful statements of the Left. Critique + Translate = “Critiquelate.” Sadly, the age of Obama is not the post-racial nirvana that we Barack Obama and his supporters led us to to believe it would be. So, he is here not only for his erudition, but also in to try to shield Teri from accusations of racism because she is critical of the socialist policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Every week the Critiquelator submits a broadcast sample of mitochondrial DNA to certify that he is black enough to critiquelate.

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Warning: the Critiquelator’s comments may contain extremely politically incorrect language. You have been warned!